Xavier School Hall


Peake Consulting was contracted by Xavier Catholic College to design air conditioning for the school’s 1000+ capacity Magis Centre school auditorium.

Air conditioning to the Magis Centre is service by two Air Change packaged AC units with ECO Cycle units connected to an insulated duct that runs along eastern and western walls at height. The Air Change packaged AC Air Handling unit Systems are connected to ductwork that compliments the AC systems serving the offices, and one unit serves that main auditorium through underfloor plenums and above ceiling ductwork.

The two AIR CHANGE units also provide outside air intake to the hall via intake louvres on the system plenums. The ECO mode enables more outside air taken from Louvres and dampers controlled by CO monitoring within the hall to keep levels below 400ppm.
A stand- alone wall mounted Split System services the communications room attached to the hall.


Peake Consulting Engineers are a local building services design and engineering practice with
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