Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Design

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As busy as commercial kitchens can get, fumes, odours,

smoke and grease shouldn’t be another complication

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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Design

Such settings require the expertise of trained engineers and involve filters and other control systems put in place to meet building and health requirements, as well as provide a comfortable environment for staff and customers. 

With a team like Peake Consulting, we ensure the desired outcome of your commercial kitchen ventilation system is always met and that all exhaust air is discharged into the atmosphere correctly and efficiently. 

Expert Design Team 

When food is cooked it emits solid particles, liquid and vapour and gaseous contaminants. The removal of each of these elements from the air that is discharged into the environment relies on different technologies for sufficient removal. 

That’s where Peake Consulting comes in! Our team has years of practical and design experience in commercial settings and are confident we have the best approach when it comes to commercial kitchen ventilation systems. 

The first step of kitchen ventilation design is to understand the type of food being prepared and the cooking methods being used, as this will have a significant impact on the amounts of smoke, moisture, grease, and odours that are produced.

When working with our specialists, we take all of these factors into consideration and are sure to never miss any minor details in the design process. 

The Kitchen Ventilation System Consists of:


A Hood – to capture effluent and reduce the particulate load. 

Duct with various filters – to remove particulates and control odour. 

Exhaust Fan System – to dilute and remove exhaust air from the building. 

Peak Consulting are committed to delivering our clients only the highest quality design and drafting services and are in compliance with all the relevant Australian Standards.  

The Australian Standard AS1668.2:2012 specifies the requirements for kitchen exhaust and the strict guidelines are centred around: 

  • Exhaust hood requirements
  • Airflows
  • Particulate removal
  • Grease vapour removal 
  • Special requirements for charcoal and solid fuel cooking devices
  • Duct length, angle, and gauge.
  • Fire safety requirements
  • Air replenishment requirements
  • Air discharge requirements 


These requirements need the expertise of qualified and experienced engineers to ensure these standards are met, and your system is efficient and meets your budget requirements. 

Speak With a Professional

Peake Consulting Engineers are only a call away and have the team of qualified engineers that can assist you with your commercial kitchen ventilation design and project.  


We have seen it all when it comes to designing kitchen ventilation systems and have for a variety of different environments, including, restaurants, takeaway food outlets, aged care facilities, school canteens and school educational facilities. 


Contact us now to put a start to your commercial kitchen project and to discuss your commercial kitchen ventilation needs with one of our experienced engineers!




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