Basement Car Park Mechanical Ventilation

Natural ventilation is not always possible in car parks, particularly if the car park is fully enclosed or underground.

Not only do carparks require sufficient ventilation to remove hazardous engine exhaust contaminants

and prevent excessive carbon monoxide build-up, they also need to have the right design to begin with! 


For your next car park project, trust no other than Peake Consulting!

With over 25 years of experience in mechanical engineering, our consultancy team have got you covered when it comes

to the initial design right through to the final touches and ventilation necessary for basement car parks.  


Basement Carpark Mechanical Ventilation Design Specialists

No two car parks are the same, which means a specific design is needed for each. Leave it up to the professionals at Peake Consulting, as along with basement car park mechanical ventilation, we can also assist with the design and drafting process too! 

Car Park ventilation systems can draw a lot of energy, so getting the design right will have a big impact on running costs and is an important step not to be missed! As a ventilation system can run constantly, or on timers based on predictions of peak usage times, this can result in costly energy bills.  

The team at Peake Consulting understands the importance of a proper ventilation system that performs well but is efficient to run too! When working with our specialists, we offer systems that cater to the needs of your project and can suggest more energy-efficient systems that fit your design. 

Practical & Efficient Solutions 

A carbon monoxide monitoring system is one that we suggest when energy consumption is being taken into consideration. As the system only operates when needed, this provides a more nuanced control over the operation from the placement of sensors throughout the carpark.  

These sensors can activate, increase, or decrease the speed of the ventilation system based on the detected levels of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. This type of system ensures your car park ventilation system is working at maximum efficiency and is an option when working with Peake Consulting. 

If this type of system isn’t suitable for your project, our professionals will assist with any other options. We take several factors like airflow rates (for air expulsion), fresh air intake, any obstructions of air flow, and availability of natural ventilation to ensure your car park design is done to only the highest standard and meets all of your project’s requirements. 

Meeting Australian Standards 

Our engineers are highly qualified and are all members of Engineering Australia, and the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Heating (AIRAH). Along with having extensive knowledge in the field, we never forget to comply with the relevant Australian Standards. 

AS1668.2.2012 is the Australian Standard that applies to mechanical ventilation of buildings, with section 4 specifically relating to ventilation of enclosures used by vehicles with combustion engines. 

Peake Consulting Engineers have the expertise to assess and determine the mechanical ventilation requirements of your car park and to design a cost-effective solution that meets both the Australian Building Standards and your budget. 

We have experience in designing car parks of all sizes and for residential, commercial, and industrial environments. If you would like to save energy and improve the efficiency of your car park ventilation system, contact us for a consultation.  

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We help our clients bring their projects to life with innovative and cost-effective solutions that deliver outstanding results.


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