HVAC Design

Every building is unique in its design and operation.
A building’s heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) system is
one of the most complex areas of building construction. HVAC design
has a significant impact on the cost of installation, the efficiency of
the system and ongoing expenses in both maintenance and energy use.


Capabilities For All HVAC System Layout Requirements

PCE Engineers are experienced in designing a broad range of HVAC layouts in residential, commercial, and industrial settings including:

Thoughtful In HVAC Layout Design

At Peake Consulting we pride ourselves on well thought out design. All care is taken to ensure each element of the system, delivers on client needs.

  • Heat load calculations, to ensure correct equipment sizing.
  • Equipment selection, for quality and value for money.
  • Duct sizing & design, for efficiency and airflow distribution.
  • Piping layouts for maximum system efficiency, and outdoor unit locations.
  • Ventilation and exhaust specifications, ensuring fresh air requirements and that buildings meet Australian Building Standards.

Specialist HVAC Engineering Services

We are specialist building and construction air conditioning and ventilation designers, offering smart design and planning that takes all factors, present and future, into consideration.

HVAC engineers understand the roles and needs of all parties in a design and construction project. We have worked with developers, architects, builders, and HVAC installers to design and deliver high-quality systems that meet building needs while keeping in mind cost, ease of installation and integration with building design and other building services.

Our experience makes us the perfect partner to work with to ensure a smooth-running design and construction project.

Air conditioning

Fresh air ventilation

Commercial kitchen exhaust

Fume ventilation

Toilet exhaust sistems

Car park exhaust

Stairwell pressurisation

Lift design


We help our clients bring their projects to life with innovative and cost-effective solutions that deliver outstanding results.


Rous Pilot Project – Plant Production Facility

Rous Pilot Project – Plant Production Facility

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Hope Island Retirement Living Apartments

Peake Consulting was engaged to provide mechanical design services from concept to detailed design for a new retirement facility with 70 apartments in a tower.

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Xavier School Hall

Peake Consulting was contracted by Xavier Catholic College to design air conditioning for the school’s 1000+ capacity Magis Centre school auditorium.

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Peake Consulting Engineers are a local building services design and engineering practice with
offices located on the Gold Coast at Burleigh Heads QLD and in Ballina NSW

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